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What We Do

  • Software Development

    Developing software or application from the concept to reality is a complicated and uphill process. Workholics is committed to overcome by this issues and deliver the high quality, well tested, software development on time and within budget. We provide wide range of services that incorporates your business and its requirements. Whether you are starting up a new business enterprise, Workholics delivers high quality, cost-effective solutions .

    We are a growing software development company which comprises the entire software development life cycle(SDLC), right from the requirements stage to the final implementation and acceptance procedures. You’ll will experienced the immediate benefits and advanced services from our elite staff and core members.

    Our software development model knows that each business has its unique identity and requirements accordingly. We implement the innovative ideas with advanced technologies to customize fully business solutions for our clients across the globe. Our addiction towards work and passion to deliver projects on time make us a competitive unit in the world. Our services helps you to create market driven products and increase sakes as well.

    We know the importance of effective communication with the client so as to stand by their requirements and can deliver the exact replication of your imaginations.

    At Workholics “We Value Client’s Satisfaction…”

    Software Development

  • Web Development

    If you are looking for a new, innovative revamp an existing one or management and maintenance of your website, Workholics is the best option having necessary and core elite technical assistance at competitive cost.

    Only having a website is not enough. As website is the global and interactive global presentation of your business so an attractive and innovative web presentation should accurately reflects your business. We at Workholics stabilize the unique identity of your business in a well planned manner so as to enhance your business globally.

    We ensure that you will not have to compromised with the designing and development of the website which you dreamed off.

    Our innovative skilled team will never let you give any chance of complaint and dissatisfaction. “WE MEAN IT”

    Web Development / Designing

  • Logo Designing

    Logo is immediately recognizable identities of your product, business or service that will let the customers differentiate you from your competitors in the market. Logo is very important for each company because it shows to be more memorable, shows your commitment, shows bigger and established, shows your brand to attracts more clients and give them a sense of stability.

    As we understand the complexity of designing a unique logo, we have professionals and well experienced team that will give you unique design of logo for your business, product, company or service. Our team can also assist you in creating a range of marketing collateral and ensure that your logo is represented correctly every time.

    Our Specialization in logo designing:
    Get custom and profession logo at affordable price.
    Get graphic design and corporate identity logos
    Get a complete look and feel with high graphic design
    Get in touch with a great experienced company which provide fast designing service.

    Logo Designing

  • SEO

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a technique which helps search engines find and rank your site higher than the millions of other sites in response to a search query. SEO thus helps you get traffic from search engines. SEO is the technique which helps to get online new business, new clients and shows your presence in front of the global market.

    Whenever you enter a query in a search engine like Google or yahoo and hit 'enter' you get a list of web results that contain that query term. Users normally tend to visit websites that are at the top of this list as they perceive those to be more relevant to the query. If you have ever wondered why some of these websites rank better than the others then you must know that it is because of a powerful web marketing technique called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

    We at Workholics use white hat SEO techniques that results a last long time. In white hat SEO, it follows all the guidelines of google and also ensures that all data is indexed properly that user will see.

    We also offer some more service to promote your website like Pay per Click, Social Media Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Link Building, Article submission, Content Writing and Blog Posting.

    Our Professional and skilled team ensure that your site will get page 1 rank in search engine, which will boost your enquiry and business.


  • Domain Registration

    A domain name is a unique identity of any individual, business or organization. Having your own domain name, website and email address, you and your business gives more professional look. Workholics facilitates you to find your desired domain and register it.

    Our Specialties:
    Quick Registration and Order
    Private Registration
    Domain Theft Protection
    User Friendly Control panel
    Multiple Tools for User
    Domain Forwarding / parking
    Free Email Account
    Free Email Forwarding
    Easy DNS Management
    Dedicated Support

    Domain Registration

  • WebHosting

    A domain name is a unique identity of any individual, business or organization. Having your own domain name, website and email address, you and your business gives more professional look. Workholics facilitates you to find your desired domain and register it.

    Our Specialties:
    Quick Registration and Order
    Private Registration
    Domain Theft Protection
    User Friendly Control panel
    Multiple Tools for User
    Domain Forwarding / parking
    Free Email Account
    Free Email Forwarding
    Easy DNS Management
    Dedicated Support


  • Bulk SMS

    In the present technological rim there are lots of sources to advertise the business products or services like television, internet website and many more. But cheapest services to advertise is SMS services. A kind of traditional media for promoting business like newspapers and magazines. Throughout the world including India the importance of mobile phones has been huge and profound.

    Bulk SMS stands for bulk messaging. Bulk SMS is used by companies, enterprises, banks, schools, and small businesses. Bulk SMS is used for sending sms (short message service) to mobile no. Bulk SMS is used as promotional sms for sms marketing to reach out the world with ease.

    If you wish to advertise your services and products for minimum charges in order to attain maximum business, then the Bulk SMS service provider should be the right pick for you to get your business enhanced with it. Short Messaging Service is one the most popular and yet most effective means of communication in the modern era and it emerged as a potential marketing tool.

    Now a days almost every single human being owns a mobile phone, so sending SMS might highlights the importance of your business with less but effective message. Hiring Bulk SMS services allows you to send message to your profound customers on one click.

    Benefits of Bulk SMS Services

    Save Time - Instead, of drafting single messages and sending it to individual mobile subscribers, you can create one message, which is then send to the targeted audience group based on your requirement.

    Save Money - Instead of sending individual letters or brochures to their customers, companies can choose to send bulk SMS to thousands of customers at a fraction of price.

    Reliable Report tracking - Delivery of messages and the elicited response can be tracked with existing systems. You can track details about delivery of SMS.

    Bulk SMS Features:
    Online application. No software required. No Initial setup fees.
    Highest Accuracy
    User friendly online interface
    Uninterrupted service experience.

    Bulk SMS

  • E-Commerce Solutions

    Enterprises Solutions
    What is e-Commerce?
    E-Commerce Software Solution
    E-Commerce Website Solution
    The Workholics Advantage

    In this increasingly busy world of ours, there is nothing more efficient than making transactions online. And e-commerce websites should start capitalizing on the potential of the Internet as the premier marketing hub.

    What is e-Commerce?
    E-commerce is the distribution and marketing of products and services online. It occurs when people do their usual buying-and-selling fare through the Internet. It is, in other words, electronic business. It is when people start making business transactions using the Internet as the medium. It includes websites that offer a range of products and services that people usually obtain from land-based shops and market stalls.

    When the Internet started making a significant change in people’s lifestyles, e-commerce also boomed. Soon enough, consumers from around the world realized the convenience that making online transactions brings for almost every kind of need that they have. Today, e-commerce is one of the most dynamic industries. And there is no better time than today to take advantage of the money you can make using e-commerce.

    The Requirements
    For an e-commerce venture, you need to be equipped with the right tools and understanding of how it works. Workholics is a reliable and credible service provider who serves that purpose. You can rest your worries and relax while we make e-commerce a profitable venture for you and your business. Let us elaborate on the things that you need to be provided with for an up-and-running e-commerce website.

    E-Commerce Software
    There is a special software design that is intended for e-commerce. This software gets the online business up and running. It not only makes transaction exchanges possible but also monitors the progress and successes of your online store.

    An ideal e-commerce software is equipped with built-in features that will help you make your online store easy to manage, secure, and efficient.

    E-commerce software is developed to provide the service platform that you will need to start the business and keep it going. It is the gas that will fuel your business venture and keep it burning.

    Every kind of business needs an entirely different e-commerce software. Depending on your offers, your products, and your services, you will need a customized e-commerce software that delivers just what your business needs and more.

    Some of the features that are must-haves in a cost-efficient e-commerce software include inventory management, discount coupons, secure credit card processing, and back support among others. You need those and more for every kind of promotion and offer that you may want to have to keep selling your products and services. You need those features to back you up as you go through your marketing campaigns that will establish your stature in the e-commerce world.

    An ideal e-commerce software also makes secure online transactions possible. There is nothing more important in the eyes of consumers than security concerns. So, this very important factor must be handled properly by your e-commerce software. Credit card processing and the possible interference of a third party in your database are the common concerns that your e-commerce software should pay great attention to.

    Lastly, good e-commerce software needs to be reliable and dependable in running through your online store. It has to be user-friendly and should never give your consumers a difficult time in seeing product descriptions, placing orders, and posting payments.

    E-Commerce Website
    There is also a special web design intended for an e-commerce website. Such design is particularly important for expert assistance and transaction management. As online stores engage customers at close range, your web design has to be very simple, speaking in the universal language of the buy-and-sell industry.

    As with the e-commerce software, e-commerce web design is very specific on the kind of business it serves. It has to be tailored to your brand of trade to be effective and deliver the amount of profits that you wish to pile up. Every kind of business, every kind of online store has its own set of consumers and clients. What an e-commerce website design does is to appeal to the the demographics of the target audience.

    For your product or service to sell, your website needs to be attractive to your specific audience. The website setup and design has to agree with your market goals. The website design has so much to do with a positive return on investment. That’s why it is important to pour in your efforts in keeping it attractive and competent.

    E-commerce website designers offer a wide range of services according to your business’s need. The simplest and the most common factor of each and every e-commerce website is being interactive. Since it engages customers at significantly close range, you have to make sure that the company-client relationship is established every single time and with no difficulty.

    The Workholics Advantage
    Workholics has been very good at developing customized e-commerce software and websites that are applicable to every kind of service platform. Our e-commerce solutions are equipped with numerous features that you will need not just to start your business, but monitor its progress as well.

    We make every transaction in online stores a pleasant experience for the business and its clients with reliable services and features that keep the relationship satisfying on both ends.

    You can never go wrong with your online store if you let Workholics’s expertise be figured into the equation.

    E-Commerce Solutions

  • Mobile App Development

    Workholics is a certified IT company having mobile app development as our strongest aspect. Workholics has always believed in 100% client satisfaction by providing quality and aptly priced services. With a team of dedicated Mobile Application Developers, we have been serving our existing clientele with complete enthusiasm and zeal. Now, we look forward to expand our clientele and render our Mobile Application Development services to new clients.

    We also offer customized services, taking care of the individual needs of the clients and providing them the best mobile applications.

    Android App Development
    Android OS have undoubtedly conquered the mobile device market ever since its arrival. With ever increasing sale of Android mobile devices, the demand for Android apps has also increased many folds. We at WORKHOLICS, are deeply engaged in providing the best in class Android App Development services to all our clients. We understand the completion in the market and deliver accordingly, ensuring complete client satisfaction.

    IOS App Development
    Developing an iOS application is what our team does with ease, as we have numerous tools that make the whole process of development easier. The thrill to develop an iOS application and deploy it in the Appstore consumes our iOS App Development team from neck to toe. Helping you in developing an iOS application from scratch, you can trust our team of professionals working on the same.

    If you are looking for a customized and efficient mobile app development services, WORKHOLICS will be your choice which you will never regret.

    Mobile App Development

  • IVR & Tollfree

    We are the fastest growing IVR and Toll Free service provider across India. We provide the Integrated Services of both along with web enabled panel which leads you to have full control over your services.

    "We Belive In Providing Effective Communication Services At Low Expenses"

    Capacity -

    Users (Forwarding Numbers)
    Based on your Super Receptionist plan, bring on board as many agents you want.

    Product Interface -

    Web Interface
    Access all of your features in a fast, simple and secure application.

    Mobile App
    Track the health of your business anytime, anywhere.

    128 Bit Security
    Secure customer data and information with advanced technology.

    Unified Management
    Intelligently take over call mechanisms to fine-tune your business phone.

    Basic IVR -

    Time Based Routing
    Intelligently route calls based on the time of day.

    Welcome Greeting
    Create powerful first impressions on-the-go.

    Dynamic Greetings
    Surprise and delight your customers today.

    Advanced Call Forwarding
    Automatically route calls in three classic modes.

    Filter callers via blacklisting to ensure your campaigns reach the right target audience.

    Click to Call
    Enjoy quick, uninterrupted conversations with prospects.

    Increase customer responsiveness by enabling a voicemail facility.

    Programmable Extensions
    Customize your IVR extensions for better call efficiency.

    Advanced IVR -

    Multiple Language Message
    Personalize your caller message with dynamic greetings.

    Custom On-Hold Music
    Create the perfect on-hold music to leverage your brand’s personality.

    Location (Telco) Based Routing
    Route calls to agents based on the geographic location of incoming calls.

    Automated Outbound Calling
    Set-up an auto call-back for every customer call that disconnects.

    Multi-Agent Access
    Advanced data protection for your business, even in your brief absence.

    Sticky Agent
    Ensure quick, personalized customer experience.

    In Call Transfer
    Instantly transfer an ongoing call to a team member or agent.

    Multi Level IVR
    Delivering high-end support for round-the- clock customer gaiety.

    Multi-agent Free Login
    Allow agents to track their order of business and manage calls efficiently.

    Custom SMS API
    Use your own SMS API to thank customers or evaluate agents performance.

    Outbound Dialer
    Create and manage tasks the hassle-free way.

    Personalized IVR
    The evolution of better customer experience.

    API -

    Post Call Hooks (Hook API)
    Automated, easy-to-use function after every new call.

    CRM Integration
    Accelerate seamless integration with your CRM.

    Reports & Alerts -

    Call Recording
    Auto-record every call on user consent for training purpose or future reference.

    SMS Notification
    Create a customer-centric culture with quick updates on calls and voicemails.

    Email Reports
    Receive daily and weekly digest of your recent business activities across Super Receptionist.

    Customized Reports
    Create and manage custom reports in real-time based on specific criterias.

    SMS Acknowledgement
    Delivering a personal, thank you message to all of your customers.

    Real-time Analytics
    View dynamic analysis to generate valuable reports.

    Call Log
    Receive call updates to improve agents performance.

    Quick Dial Basic
    Seamlessly integrate with instant messaging apps.

    Add-on Features -

    QuickDial Plus
    Generate leads from local search engines like Justdial.

    Pick your VIP Number
    A customer-friendly phone number that is simple and easy to recall.

    Custom Sender ID
    Create brand awarness with your choice of alphanumeric sender ID.

    Virtual Number Pool
    Efficiently manage your vendors, partners and dealers.

    International Number
    Choose the perfect international number to easily connect with existing or potential customers overseas.

    Toll Free Number
    Guage your campaign performance in real-time, increase call volumes and result in better ROI.

    IVR & Tollfree

Who We Are

We are Workholics “Addicted to work”. We at workholics provides innovative wings to your imagination so as to ease up your complexity.
Workholics InfoCorp is a complete web solutions group which provides all IT solutions that comprehend hi-end IT strategic solutions, design solutions and software development services for the organizations across the GLOBE.

Our Vision

Workholics InfoCorp endeavors the complete IT solutions which leads our customers to use advanced technologies with amenities. We work in coordination with our customers so as to stand side by side for the virtual extensions of their operations.

Quality Assurance

We at Workholics catch on technological services to intone customer satisfaction through dedicated delivery of projects on time. Our prime role is to rise above the client’s needs by providing quality services and solutions in order to enhance their business globally.

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